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Add a little Fun to your Office

Introducing Funghi and Pin by LD Seating


Funghi is a perfect creative solution for all types of offices, open spaces, reception halls and relax zones. Light and easily portable, the Funghi can be picked up and moved to join a colleague at their workstation in the open plan environment, used around a meeting table or for a small gathering in the breakout area.

Taking inspiration from the shape of a mushroom, The Funghi can be upholstered in two fabrics of different types and shades with either a white, black or grey collar and are available in a low and a high seat height.


Sit-Stand stools allow you to shift your weight and rest periodically while standing, so you can stand longer. We all know that sitting too long can have an adverse effect and then standing too long is no better. So, everything in moderation sounds like a good ‘rule of thumb’.

The new PIN stool from LD Seating is a gas lift perch stool suitable to use with your height-adjustable workstation or around a standing height meeting space. Available in Black or White and a variety of fabric finishes, the Pin Stool features a self-balancing shaft with a dynamic pivot of up 10 degrees.