Furniture Hive

The launch of Furniture Hive.

Welcome to Furniture Hive

A UK agency for a selection of carefully chosen European furniture manufacturers. More than just a one-man-band, lugging a bag of brochures and price list round to your door, the Furniture Hive team are here to support you and your design aspirations to deliver furniture solutions that work, that are practical, aesthetic and meet your needs.

What’s in a name?

We wanted to highlight the obvious – ‘Furniture’, and after considering a fair few ‘collaborative’ terms and listing as many collective group names for animals, which there are a fair few, and some real bizarre ones too, we opted for ‘Hive’. Busy little bees working together to create something wonderful. Certainly has a better ring to it than ‘Romp’ (otters) Barren (mules) Crash (Rhinoceroses) Cackle (Hyenas) I mean we could have gone Business which is a collective of ferrets, but I believe Hive sums us up well. (

Why Furniture Hive?

  • UK based sales support team,
  • GBP £ Pricing inclusive of delivery to your warehouse
  • CAD Files
  • High Res images
  • PDF & Hard copy brochures
  • Fabrics and Finishes direct to you
  • Bespoke product development for your solutions

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved or want to gain access to our manufacturing partners download portals please get in touch, either by the home page ‘Register’ form or drop us an email at